The public address system has been designed as a replacement of the ex - isting RU-6 public address systems and of other similar equipment dur - ing the transition to the remote con- trol system. It includes a high-power low frequency amplifier 300 W 100 V, control circuits for supervision, VoIP circuits for the input of low-frequen- cy signal in the digital form. Besides the standard features of the LF am- plifier it includes functions needed for remote operation and supervi- sion of the operating conditions. The basic input of the low frequency signal is an Ethernet interface with VoIP Protocol and the option of the simultaneous operation of two independent channels. The first channel is designed for connecting to the centralized announcement system, the second channel for local or remote access using VoIP phone. The other con- necting options of the low- frequency signal are the line input and the micro - phone input. All settings of ana- logue param- eters (volume, heights, basses, levels of individ- ual inputs and their priorities) are carried-out digitally. Detec -
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